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Student Art Spaces

SAS is a youth-led organization amplifying student voices in art through gallery exhibitions and art events. Interested in starting art opportunities in your city? Join our growing network of chapters by applying to become a chapter leader.

Artwork by Kate Yu

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Why We Care About Art Equity

The first chapter of SAS was established in 2018. They wanted to make an accessible space for young creatives in a time when 45% of museum boards are entirely white, and just 11% of exhibited artists in the nation’s top museums and galleries are female. Whether it is creating or curating, disparities can be found in every corner of the art world.


They researched, raised money through Kickstarter and grants (over $4,000), covering the costs of shipping, framing, and printing for over 50 artworks, collected the works and went to FedEx constantly to pick up art shipped from around the world, and promoted the show. Posters were hung up, participants were notified, they were ready for THE MODERN YOUTH IDENTITY gallery. On opening night, they had paintings from New York, Brazil, Lithuania, and so many other places -- it was an incredible, dynamic fusion of artistic talent from around the world. Read about it on Seattle Artist League (the venue)'s blog as well.

That's how Student Art Spaces started, now a chapter-based art collective that provides accessible space for young creatives. We want to break down financial barriers, along with racial and gender barriers for minority artists. To increase awareness on youth art equity, we advocate through cost-free gallery events and education.


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Photo Cr. Jonathon Matteson


Artists showcased in physical and digital exhibitions, open mic nights, and publications



People reached (Attendees, donors, and submissions to open calls)



Dollars raised from Kickstarter, grants, and various fundraisers



Chapters Opened 


We were starting to receive DMs from kids all over the country about how to start galleries in their city. With that, we initiated 21 chapters. You can read about our two original Seattle galleries as well as our chapter events here.

Despite the sudden emergence of COVID-19, these chapters have created wonderful projects of their own virtually. Examples include SAS Los Angeles' virtual gallery exhibition in collaboration with ArtShare LA, Massachusetts's coloring book fundraiser, Texas' Frisco Arts digital zine, and much much more. To view all of these projects, visit our chapter websites and Instagrams.

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We are proudly funded by and partnered with these companies, among several others.


We are fiscally sponsored by Little Masters Club in Seattle, Washington. We receive financial and legal support from the Communities Rise cohort. To learn more, contact

All photos on this page were taken by Jonathan Matteson at Student Art Spaces' first exhibit 'The Modern Youth Identity' which took place at Seattle Artist League.

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