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Why We Care About Art Equity

In 2019, two teenagers noted the overwhelming need for more diverse youth presence in the arts. They decided to take the issue into their own hands.

That's how Taylor Wang and Alice Mao founded Student Art Spaces, a nonprofit that provides accessible space for young creatives. We want to break down financial barriers, along with racial and gender barriers for minority artists. To increase awareness on youth art equity, we advocate through gallery events and education.


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Photo Cr. Jonathon Matteson http://jsmatteson.com/


Who We Are

Narratives of underprivileged groups have historically been excluded from the art world. Our first gallery, titled "The Modern Youth Identity", exhibited 40 diverse youth artists free of cost thanks to local grants and our Kickstarter campaign. We bridged generational gaps, introducing older attendees to art created by the youth, where issues such as mental health crises, political change, and other Gen-Z musings reigned. We showcased the transformative power of art in creating community regardless of race, gender, or economic status. Check out our latest event here!

Photo Cr. Jonathon Matteson http://jsmatteson.com/