Student Art Spaces-New York

Meet The Team

Madison Bitna

Social Media Lead


She’s a 16 year-old artist and designer based in Queens. Madison is a hot-chocolate-loving sweetheart that draws inspiration from her friends and family. She manages our chapter’s social media.

Lana Wang

Co-Manager of PR and Communication


She’s a 17 year-old illustrator based in Queens. Lana loves experimental art and combining various techniques inspired by different historical time periods. Her art reflects the emotions and state of being that resonate with her community and herself. This adaptable queen co-manages our chapter’s public relations and communications department. 

Allie Schwam



She’s a 17 year-old Long Island based artist committed to FIT. She takes inspiration from femme forms and relationships. Allie is not only the co-founder of this chapter, but she’s also the captain of her high school’s cross country team!

Huiwen Chen

Graphic Designer and Outreach Manager


She’s a 17 year-old artist from SI, nyc. She draws inspiration for her graphic designs and art from her Chinese culture and activism. Her art amplifies socio-political issues and helps her connect to her heritage. Huiwen is not only creatively talented, but she’s also passionate about science. This intellectual cutie is our chapter’s outreach manager and one of our graphic designers.

Katherine Vargas



She’s a 20 year-old creative activist born and raised in uptown Manhattan. Katherine is a writer that has been shifting into visual poetry through her focus in videography, photography, and graphic design. She uses her art to highlight the social injustices of modern times, so she’s very drawn to finding the beauty in systematically and socially marginalized communities. Katherine is our chapter’s co-founder and outreach coordinator.

Bridget Li

Volunteer Coordinator


She’s a 17 year-old artist based in Manhattan.This left-handed creative is mainly focused on fine arts, but also enjoys writing poetry as well. She is inspired by cultural identities pertaining to femme-immigrant experiences and how these experiences have shaped their womanhood, sexuality, and/or generational traumas. As part of the team, Bridget helps coordinate and direct our chapter’s incoming volunteers. 

Isabella Franqui

Graphic Designer


She’s an 18 year-old multidisciplinary creative residing in small town Middletown, NY. She likes to take two or more artistic mediums to create new artistic styles! Isabella integrates cultural and social issues into her artwork. Currently, she has been focusing on photography and animation, and is also one of our chapter’s graphic designers. When she’s not spending her time creating art, she studies languages for fun!

Lourdes Rohan

Graphic Designer


She’s a 20 year-old designer that resides in . Her creative focus is graphic design, where she draws inspiration from . This gentile queen is one of our chapter’s graphic designers. Lourdes not only helps out in this collective, but also is part of the Yale University acapella group!