Student Art Spaces-Los Angeles

Bianca Gao

Chapter Head


I am a 16 year old artist based in Los Angeles, and I have been drawing my whole life. I also experiment with graphic design and have created for local businesses and school publications. I hope that through Student Art Spaces LA, I can help bring attention to youth and minority artists in our city and simultaneously promote culture and awareness in our communities.

Emily Reyes



I’m a Los Angeles based high school junior who enjoys the art of landscape painting and sketching! As manager of SAS-LA, I help bring our plans into fruition to help underrepresented artists get the recognition they deserve. I hope that collaborations among ourselves and our partners can help local artists across the greater LA area.  

Adela Anghel

Fundraising Chair


As Fundraising Chair for Student Art Spaces, I perform duties and help with grants to support and recognize young artists. The world of art has always interested me, and I look forward to sharing the inspiring work of many artists all across Los Angeles.  

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Emily Tran



I am the secretary for Student Art Spaces LA and I manage the email, coordinate meetings, and reach out to other organizations. I became interested in art at a young age and I am happy to contribute to the world of art through this organization.

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Ashley Ho

Graphic Designer


I am a high school student from Los Angeles who loves Photoshop and enjoys graphic design. I work together with our volunteers to create posts and curate designs for our social media. I also enjoy reading, writing, and playing the violin, and hope to encourage young artists of all mediums to expand their influence with their art!

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