Meet The Team

Taylor Wang


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I helped start Student Art Spaces to give a cost-free space to Seattle creatives. As the operational lead of SAS, I help coordinate this youth initiative across the nation. I am hoping to pursue gallery/museum management. Learn more about me here!

Katelyn Tang

Communications Director


My parents introduced me to many forms of art when I was young, and I quickly fell in love with playing the piano and painting, which I have been doing for over ten years. Beyond art, I have always been interested in the science of medicine and anatomy. I hope that someday I can merge my passions in these two fields to truly follow my dreams!

George Segress

Manager and Web Designer


I am a Seattle based creative that works with Student Art Spaces. I do the website design and help to organize the structure of SAS. I also run my own game company, Chiodo Studios.

Katherine Vargas

Outreach Director


As a multifaceted creative activist, I like to combine my love for writing with photography, videography and graphic design. I use my multidisciplinary artwork to highlight the voices of socially and systematically marginalized communities. I’ve always had a passion for advocacy but wanted to highlight the social injustices that communities are facing through my writing and artwork. Follow me on Instagram @ktherne to see more of my work!

Alice Mao



I'm an emerging artist in the greater Seattle area, and a co-founder of Student Art Spaces. I'm currently a high school senior, and I'm looking forward to studying art in college as well! My work can be found on my website,

Luana Goés

Engagement Director


I’m a 17 year old artist and designer from north Brazil. I’m also very passionate about music and video editing and I like to to combine my interests into mixed media pieces, audios and visuals. My work is very influenced by my culture and my community, and I'm proud of my origins. Ever since I got involved with SAS I’ve been trying to help anywhere I can and work hard to uplift my fellow team members and creatives!

Madison Bitna

Graphic Designer


I started doing art when I was in elementary school and never stopped. I began with pencil, and am currently learning how to paint and do digital art. I also enjoy competing in science competitions and working on my own school's creative publication. I hope that in the future I can continue to pursue art no matter what.

Riley Nachtrieb


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I am Student Art Spaces' video manager, videographer, and editor. I work on amplifying artists’ voices through video. Personally, I am a Seattle based award-winning filmmaker and I’ve made films ranging from short narratives to docs, nationally and internationally.

Kelly Wang

Social Media Co-Director


I've always had interest in art ever since I was a little child. A couple years ago, I started some freelance work as an illustrator and designer and was able to grow a decent following on my Instagram art account. I also co-own an online clothing store, Cerulean, with Jenny. I'm super excited to be a part of Student Art Spaces and contribute my skills to this team!

Jenny Peng

Social Media Co-Director


As someone who enjoys photography, art, writing, singing, and violin, art plays a huge role in my life. I'm lucky

to have been able to build a following of over 80k followers on Instagram through posting about photography and fashion; I also co-own an online store selling shirts with my original designs. I hope to continue doing art in all of its

forms throughout my life.



Saif Khan (lead) | Adora Dalisay | Jessica Krukoski | Alina Pace | Delphine Winton | Annie Cai | Jane Li | Eun Gu Kang 


Srin Joyi (co-lead) | Shreya Chintala (co-lead) | Sapna Krishnan


Angela Bi (lead) | Lillian Liu


Allison Tran (lead) | Tina Nguyen | Amy Nguyen | Margaret Xiao

Los Angeles

Bianca Gao (lead) | Emily Reyes | Adela Anghel | Emily Tran | Ashley Ho


Crystal Zhu

New York

Allie Schwam (lead) | Madison Bitna | Lana Wang | Huiwen Chen | Katherine Vargas | Bridget Li | Isabella Franqui | Lourdes Rohan


Mackenzie Hill (lead)


Udita Gowdety | Shilpa Munjuluri | Adyasha Acharya | Samyak Yash Jain | Ananya Arora | Anshula Tiwari | Neeraja Srinivasan | Shivangi Sinha | Riya Bhanot | Aarohan Hariharan


Lily Peng

Vanderbilt College

Natalie Martinez-White | Cole Jackson


Sheena Lai | Renee Chen


Pascal Bostic


Ananya Ravi | Linda Hu

Northern VA

Leah Kim | Nicole Onuegbu


Sue Jian


Alexa Berman

Muhlenberg College

Avital Zemel

San Francisco

Yash Shahani | Natalie Wei


Zainab Iadha


Cindy Chen


Mohammed Ghattas