Meet The Team

Taylor Wang


When I was 15, I co-founded Student Art Spaces to bridge the gap for underserved artists in Seattle. As the operational lead of SAS, I help coordinate this youth initiative across the nation. I am also a graphic designer for Space to Speak Org and an artist for Lithium Magazine. Learn more about me here!

Alice Mao


I'm an emerging artist in the greater Seattle area, and a co-founder of Student Art Spaces. I'm currently a high school senior, and I'm looking forward to studying art in college as well! My work can be found on my website,

George Segress


I got involved with Student Art Spaces in late 2019, and have worked hard to support the them in every way I can, making models and remaking the website for this amazing team. I also run my own game studio, Chiodo Studios, where I'm going to be publishing a long awaited project in the next few months.

Katelyn Tang

Volunteer Coordinator

My parents introduced me to many forms of art when I was young, and I quickly fell in love with playing the piano and painting, which I have been doing for over ten years. Beyond art, I have always been interested in the science of medicine and anatomy. I hope that someday I can merge my passions in these two fields to truly follow my dreams!

Adam You

Fundraising Manager

Since watching my grandpa paint as a child, art has evolved beyond a hobby into an outlet for my creativity and limitless energy. More recently, I have also discovered an interest in literature, and I hope to use both of these passions to help Student Art Spaces excel in the future by managing projects and fundraising.


Ruthie V., Seattle Artist League, Mentor

Masao Yamada, The Creative Advantage, Collaborator

Mari Shibuya, Urban Artworks, Collaborator

Dave Francis, Shoreline City Hall, Contributor

Shayna Rutman, Meddling Kids Movement, Collaborator

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