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Taylor Wang


When I was 15, I co-founded Student Art Spaces to bridge the gap for underserved artists in Seattle. As the operational lead of SAS, I help coordinate this youth initiative across the nation. I am also a graphic designer for Space to Speak Org and an artist for Lithium Magazine. Learn more about me here!

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Alice Mao


I'm an emerging artist in the greater Seattle area, and a co-founder of Student Art Spaces. I'm currently a high school senior, and I'm looking forward to studying art in college as well! My work can be found on my website,

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George Segress


I got involved with Student Art Spaces in late 2019, and have worked hard to support the them in every way I can, making models and remaking the website for this amazing team. I also run my own game studio, Chiodo Studios, where I'm going to be publishing a long awaited project in the next few months.

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Katelyn Tang


My parents introduced me to many forms of art when I was young, and I quickly fell in love with playing the piano and painting, which I have been doing for over ten years. Beyond art, I have always been interested in the science of medicine and anatomy. I hope that someday I can merge my passions in these two fields to truly follow my dreams!

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Adam You

Senior Partner

I help write grants and contribute ideas to Student Art Spaces to help make it a success!

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Ruthie V., Seattle Artist League, Mentor

Masao Yamada, The Creative Advantage, Collaborator

Mari Shibuya, Urban Artworks, Collaborator

Dave Francis, Shoreline City Hall, Contributor

Shayna Rutman, Meddling Kids Movement, Collaborator

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