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In May 2020, SAS Minnesota launched its first project: a digital exhibition to showcase artists around the world. Due to the pandemic at the time, visiting art museums in person was not possible; therefore, we hosted a digital art gallery that allows people to experience art and engage with each other at a distance. Our team received well over 30 submissions, and a total of 16 artists were chosen to be featured on our Instagram page.

ArtShare LA Virtual Gallery

Student Art Spaces L.A. has partnered with ArtShare L.A. to bring you a 3D, virtual art gallery to showcase your talents! In a time of uncertainty, art can be a powerful tool in spreading positivity and hope to combat monotony and despair during social distancing.

HOPE: A Virtual Gallery Show launched Friday, July 3 at 10 A.M. on ArtShare LA's website!

Visit the gallery from the comfort of your own home and view artworks from young artists around the world.

Art During a Pandemic

Student Art Spaces has certainly been bummed about all our canceled events, but we are excited to announce that we are working on a teen-curated zine, focused on providing voices to underprivileged and underrepresented youth voices and opinions. 

Our first issue will be about the largest problem facing us all, COVID-19. It will be called Art During a Pandemic and will be coming out with available copies shortly. Art is one of the most important means of spreading messages and fostering connections and has only become more important as this quarantine has continued. This zine is designed to give a platform to teens nationwide and allow our stories, our voices, to be heard.

 Coming Home

We were so excited to unveil our largest gallery yet. The opening night was planned for March 6th, and was going to feature various singers and performers from around the Seattle area, as well as 40 student artworks. However, all of that changed with the rapid spread of COVID-19 that was growing throughout February. We chose to move from tentative warnings to attendees, to multiple moved dates, to finally a full cancellation of the opening event. We did all of this with the safety of the public and our artists in mind, but it was tough for us to let go of the hard work of our team and performers.

          Moving forward, the gallery is still open to the public at Shoreline City Hall from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Mondays through Fridays until May 11, 2020. All of the accepted work is shown, and can be seen by everyone passing through the city hall. The SAS team has not let this setback keep us down, however, and we are moving forward with new projects constantly!

         Speaking Engagements @ Teen Action Fair and Town Hall Seattle

(Alice & Taylor)

         The Modern Youth Identity

          This was Student Art Spaces' first exhibition. We had a huge turnout, and are very thankful for all the support and submissions we received.
          43 young artists' work across the world about the experiences of youth was accepted and exhibited at the Seattle Artist League's location, and with the help of their staff. The team, which at the time was only Taylor and Alice, worked tirelessly to ship work everywhere from Brazil to China into our gallery space in Seattle. Our work was widely varied, and concerned discussions around mental health, self image, coming of age, and lighthearted musings on Gen-Z's usage of digital media in art.

          We received pieces from all over the world, each one telling a story of a youth experience. "The Slaughter of the Songbirds" by Autumn Blaylock, a March For Our Lives attendee, unapologetically expressed the anxiety surrounding school shootings. Claudia Marlenne Jasso Garcia mused, on her piece, about the idea of strength in her community following the El Paso tragedy. In her artist statement for her piece “Love”, Angela Bi states that she “wanted to portray the darker side of Asian families and the meaning of love within high expectations”. Many others, like Alexia Giselle Gonzalez who painted “Rest Easy”, expressed their thoughts on mental health. These are just a few of the stories that our passionate, unyielding artists have to show. Through conversations with the attendees, many of which are much older, we could both compare and contrast our life experiences, and talk about the issues that plague society today. 

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