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Coming Home

          We were so excited to unveil our largest gallery yet. The opening night was planned for March 6th, and was going to feature various singers and performers from around the Seattle area. However, all of that changed with the rapid spread of COVID-19 that was growing throughout February. We chose to move from tentative warnings to attendees, to multiple moved dates, to finally a full cancellation of the opening event. We did all of this with the safety of the public and our artists in mind, but it was tough for us to let go of the hard work of our team and performers.

          Moving forward, the gallery is still open to the public at Shoreline City Hall from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Mondays through Fridays until May 11, 2020. All of the accepted work is shown, and can be seen by everyone passing through the city hall. The SAS team has not let this setback keep us down, however, and we are moving forward with new projects constantly!

The Modern Youth Identity

          This was Student Art Spaces' first exhibition. We had a huge turnout, and are very thankful for all the support and submissions we received.
          43 young artists' work about the experiences of youth was accepted and exhibited at the Seattle Artist League's location, and with the help of their staff. Our work was widely varied, and concerned discussions around mental health, self image, coming of age, and lighthearted musings on Gen-Z's usage of digital media in art.

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